Esthwaite Water was the home of Jeremy Fisher, and William Wordsworth refers to it in The Prelude and his Lyrical Ballads.

The lake is the most stud­ied lake in the Lake District. Situated close to the labor­at­or­ies of the Fresh Water Biological Association on Lake Windermere, Esthwaite Water became in the 1920s the learn­ing ground for the beha­viour and devel­op­ment of fresh water bod­ies through­out the world. It is the home to the most diverse flora and fauna found in any of the Lakes.

Underwater, it boasts the biggest brown trout and the biggest pike caught in England.

The nat­ural food chain in the water is so pro­lific that the birds and land anim­als attrac­ted to it make the lake a haven for wild­life enthusiasts.

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